High efficiency air filter is the basic function of what?

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
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now the air pollution is serious, purification industry is very important to everyone. Speaking of the role of high efficiency air filter products, you have how much understand? The following is focused to introduce for everybody.

high efficiency air filter will work for particles, dust, and also can deal with suspended matter, even if it is 0. The object of below 5 um. Are so strong, is part of it is very special, is part of the filter, the high efficiency filter, the other part is shell, very beautiful.

want to determine the effect of high efficiency air filter, can from the Angle of the air filtration product efficiency, resistance to liquid to judge. High quality filter must be resistance is very low, and the air filtration product speed is very fast. At the same time, the user should also consider the material cost, choose save one.

the existence of air purification industry brought the Gospel to you, also have launched different purification products. From the perspective of the composition of high efficiency air filter, the design of the filter material is very special, mainly the use of super fine glass fiber paper, the choice of the partition board also is characteristic, have a plenty of the use of offset paper, have a plenty of using aluminium film. The characteristics of these things is not have a smell, and can be put into use for a long time, also won't have any cracks.

so everyone observe the high efficiency air filters available in the market, are able to adapt to a lot of operating environment, don't worry about corrosion, also need not worry about the problem such as craze, more don't worry about degree of elastic recovery. Formal manufacturer will centrally test, to be responsible for the customer.

high efficiency air filter products application range is very wide, can be used in the field of optical, electronic, and can be used in the field of biological medicine, beverage food. Especially in dust-free purification workshop is very powerful, is everyone indispensable equipment. It can play a significant role at the end of the clean room, thus according to the requirements of different industries is given different structure forms, both types of hepa, and presence of hepa type, there are also big air volume type and high efficiency.

this is to introduce the basic knowledge of high efficiency air filter, if you are interested can go to the manufacturer to have a look, believe that will see the progress of filter industry in China, will also be screening products to their satisfaction. , of course, before the choose and buy, be sure to look for the brand, to make more high-end services.

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