Hepa filter without separators in hebei features of the product is what?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
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in numerous filter products, hebei hepa filter without quality is very good, and it has excellent characteristics. Speak of the basic function of this kind of filter and the filtering effect, we can start from its component parts.

hebei hepa filter without separators can choose a variety of models, appearance seems to be a cube structure, many manufacturers have adopted is aluminum as frame. In addition, some manufacturers also use multilayer plate and frame, the purpose is to guarantee the stability of the equipment, its filter material is very distinctive, generally using glass fiber, look from industry development prospects, a lot of chemical fiber raw materials are also popular, the purpose is to improve the effect of the filter. Many overseas is more level of innovation, such as ptfe fiber added, more it is provided with the characteristics of electrostatic effect.

in hebei hepa filter without separators, in use process we must assure filter space, so as to let the air filtration product efficiency is higher. From the manufacturer to research and development experience, using hot melt adhesive is relatively common, very simple to produce. The overall weight of the filter is very light, the volume is not big, there will be no noise in the process of running, so favored by a lot of clean workshop. Some manufacturer will be large quantities of purchase, it is certain hepa filter has advantages.

many people will be in hebei hepa filter without separators compared with baffle plate products, in fact as long as see filter dividers, let hot melt adhesive instead of the traditional aluminum foil has many advantages, the production will not increase the cost, but also not increase the burden of installation, more important is can guarantee the stability of performance. But also special to join in the filter characteristic of v-shaped channel, so that you can guarantee the uniformity, the overall equipment capacity rate of dust was improved further and also indirectly extend the service time of the equipment.

through the above introduction, it is not hard to see the hebei hepa filter without separators on the technology is very outstanding, even waste gas processing, also need not worry about environmental pollution. Because the structure of the filter is very perfect, no use metal parts in it. Many manufacturers have started in the process of development in the direction of the environmental protection, so will choose this type of filter, we want to buy must choose normal manufacturer.

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