Hepa filter without separators and hepa filter which has good

by:Booguan     2020-11-21
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now the types of filters, as users, choose only need according to their own actual situation. Users should be heard of without separators, , and the two kinds of equipment used in industry is very. But no and which has good? We through the way of contrast, let everybody know more.

no USES the hot melt glue as filter dividers, such material more is advantageous for the mechanized production of the late. Hepa filter and without the volume is small, the weight is light, the staff to install, don't bother, later period maintenance will be more simple. If there is a need to also can carry out, do not give users a burden at all. Stability is an important characteristic of the equipment efficiency, wind speed can evenly through in the course of using, this kind of equipment is mostly used in the clean workshop, meet the needs of users.

take a look at a , this kind of equipment used in filter dividers is aluminum foil, paper and so on, in order to form a reliable air channel. It's a partition is to use kraft paper, used only after hot rolling forming. But have a will happen because of cold and hot environment of dry and wet contraction, this time will be send out particles, thus affect the clean workshop test is not up to standard. So based on this, if is the place that environmental requirements higher, recommended or use without some more secure.

to compare the service life and is rectangular channel with wit separatore, hepa filters without channel is V, so there is no than with longer service life, avoid a lot of disadvantages. So in most of the domestic users and recognition device without partition, unless there are special requirements, or on special occasions.

no and has what good? After comparison, the majority of users are more inclined to no hepa filters, but this is not yes, in certain cases, still have a role with wit separatore, the key is to see what they need, choose what kind of, does not affect the use effect.

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