Hepa filter without progress, the obvious advantages

by:Booguan     2020-11-21
High temperature resistant filter

with the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, increasing the performance of the without separators, the cost is low. The frame and high efficiency filter is mainly of aluminum alloy profiles, a multilayer frame, aluminum frame, galvanized steel frame, beautiful appearance, the casing outside the commonly used material is aluminium alloy, generally made square shape structure, secondly is the glass fiber.

no hot sol is usually used as the core of divider, is advantageous to the mechanization of production, it has small volume, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency, uniform wind speed, some characteristics of compact reasonable structure, reliable performance, etc. Hepa filter without separators can be roughly divided into modular, liquid trough, low resistance, support type, without clapboard ultra high efficiency filter, etc.

in the case of air volume and the same size, a diaphragm and no difference between the two is the resistance to the size of the problem. best hepa filter without separators for wind resistance is small, its capacity of heavy volume is relatively large, the using time is relatively long. The general cleanliness requirements of high places requires the use of no more.

compared with channel with wit separatore, without separator filter channel further improved, its dust capacity is more evenly. And prolong the use time of it. Hepa filter without the interception effect of it is very strong, and it can intercept the suspended particles and dust in the air. Electrostatic interactions as a function of without separators, for fiber particles, it is likely to produce electrostatic interactions. If filtering material to join the function of static electricity, the filtering effect will be further strengthened.

recommended at the time of purchase without separators, must be carefully to choose, can go to know from the above function properties and features of the device, can let you learn more about filter equipment technological progress.

when using without separators, attention should be paid on a regular basis for maintenance, if there are items plug surface and high efficiency filter, should be cleaned up in a timely manner. If the surface of the filter material seriously damaged, you should patch processing. If can't bare surface damage, the new filter should be replaced. Only in this way on a regular basis to clean, efficient filters to extend the using time and high efficiency filter, can more effectively use, better play to its function.

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