Hepa filter without clean effect is good market reputation

by:Booguan     2020-11-21
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inventory on the market launch of the filter, without separators occupy important market position, filtering effect because it is high, easy transportation and storage, has always been a representative filtering equipment. Many fields of medicine and food have high requirements for environmental purification, at this time they will be equipped with this kind of filter, the coverage is very large, the effect is very obvious.

no hepa filters filter material is super fine glass fiber, and it's dividers are using hot melt adhesive, such not only can be assembled with outside the box, also reduced the weight and thickness, simplify the installation process. It can be valid for not more than 0. 3 mu m air particle filtering, is commonly used in the terminal air filtration product system.

if you have higher request for the air cleanliness, can consider no hepa filters, it is applied in the field of civil, industrial, range is very wide, is the industry of high-quality experienced purification equipment. Quality vendors will production process in strict accordance with the production operation, will also does a lot of testing and inspection before they go out, the purpose is to ensure the quality of equipment.

without efficiency is very high, but its cost is not expensive. If the application in the enterprise, can reduce the management cost, improve profit margins, is a very cost-effective filtering equipment. In the structure of the filter, in addition to understand the dividers and filter material, we can also have a look at the other structure, such as external use the aluminum frame material, not deformation, also joined the polyurethane rubber, neoprene, divided into as sealant and sealing strip, to ensure the density effect. Not only that, but it can be used under the high temperature of eighty degrees Celsius, can also withstand eighty percent humidity environment test.

when the without separators was introduced in each big manufacturer will be marked with production specifications, recommend timely understand the rated air volume, filtering area, several indexes such as dust quantity, also cannot be ignored in the early resistance and end resistance and filtration efficiency several levels, only the various device parameters, can choose to filter.

said to the point of choose and buy, under the same price, suggest you choose the high popularity and good reputation, repeat customers more production factory to cooperate. In the purchase without the not only look at the price, must be combined with the equipment quality and technology level to view, so you can buy a standard filter.

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