Hepa filter when the choose and buy, should consider the basic elements

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
best hepa filter products

in the face of so many brands on the market now products, for a lot of consumer groups, business friends
are in doubt of the choose and buy. Only choose high quality brand filter device, can bring users better filtering effect. Let's together to understand the simple, such a air filtration product unit in the process of choose and buy, need to consider the factors.

efficient filters to choose information element

priority, when selecting a filter unit, must consider the rated volume of such equipment, filtration resistance and capacitance basic performance parameters, such as dust. Because every user install the in different areas, as a result, the degree of pollution are also different.

the second, when the choose and buy high efficiency filter, we recommend related test, so as to further grasp the filtering effect of such equipment.

3, usually in the early and high efficiency filter resistance will not exceed ten percent of the product sample resistance, otherwise belong to the performance of substandard products.

4, for the use of this type of filter and installations, usually install the equipment at the end of the cleaning system, and the front will be at the beginning of the corresponding efficient filter device. So we should not only pay attention to the type of high efficiency filter, more need to pay attention to the early effect filter device is match or not.

5, selection of manufacturer, want to know now on the market of filter manufacturer has a lot of, suggest you through the on-the-spot investigation pattern to understand an enterprise's comprehensive strength and product quality, performance, etc. , and the detailed price can be further consultation filters, serve several, on-the-spot investigation is to help you to understand business, understand the product better ways and means.

6, the price is now a lot of consumer groups are very attention, but because of each manufacturer, consumers choose the type, the existence of different factors, such as led to a high efficiency filter of high and low price are difference. Recommend not to blindly obsessed with cheap price, consider filter price, finally choose consistent performance, quality and price of filtering device.

this two years, our country many brand filter device, launched on the market also appeared a lot of different sizes of the manufacturer, when the choose and buy high efficiency filter, you must polish eyes, make sure you choose, the filtering device can meet the demand of daily work, have a good filtering effect.

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