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by:Booguan     2020-11-15
Hepa filter products

terminal filter all have? People would first think of tank, it not only can be used in the industrial clean room, in addition in the biological clean room also has a good effect. Many people are treating it as a matched filter, price is very high. This type of filter what advantage is there? Features? The following resolution for everyone.

priority, tank performance is introduced

to introduce the role of this type of filter, we must first understand the basic characteristics of the liquid tank sealing. It is closely related to mechanical clamping device, a wide scope of application. For operators, this kind of filter installation is simple, high speed, efficiency and its sealing effect is also very good. Hepa filter tank renowned in the world, particularly in domestic demand.

in the second place, the characteristics of the tank

the characteristics of the filter has a lot of, the first is a strong sealing. If the requirement of clean room is quite high, people would have preferred this type of filter. In addition it can also be used in the laminar flow hood and some vertical laminar flow.

the second is very light weight. So the tank transportation is very convenient. Coupled with its small size, does not occupy a space, can be stored in many places. These features are related to the structure of the filter, it did not join in the design of the diaphragm, so ordinary filter will slow some.

after the operation cost is low, so a lot of manufacturer is considering the factors such as cost management, use the filter. If we have separate custom demand, also can meet the production factory, with the style of the tool rest once popular, flexibility is guaranteed.

the third, the constitution of the tank

the composition of this kind of filter mainly contains mineral material, sealant, segmentation, filter material and so on several parts, material, respectively, using aluminum, polyurethane adhesive, hot melt adhesive and glass fiber. Must use temperature humidity below 80%.

4, the characteristics of high efficiency filter without clapboard liquid trough type

in the life of the filter without clapboard type application field is more, it can be used as a terminal filter, for & gt; 0. 3 um particles can play a good filtering effect, it is especially with a coating to protect the network, therefore has an obvious protective effect of the filter paper.

at present a lot of new and high technology manufacturers are selling tank, it is worth noting that if people are going to do without the barrier, in and out of the wind the size must also be considered.

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