Hepa filter tank favored by the market, long service life

by:Booguan     2020-11-15
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coating filter its structure is new, small volume, has a simple and flexible structure, energy saving, low cost, also has the efficient filter, filtering, the intensity is high, the enclosed operation, its use of time is longer, applicability of multifunctional filtering equipment.

its application range is wide, is mainly used in electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries. Painting filters change the filter bag is very convenient, the filtration of time don't need too much material, can save a lot of cost. The number of filter press filter bag is divided into single bag, bag, bag and so on three more. According to the liquid flow is divided into side into the type, side into the top entry type.

in the installation of coating filter must be installed where the need to protect, this filter its structure is reasonable, the secrecy good, the good circulation effect. When installing the strainer shall be carried out according to the direction of the logo placement and hepa filter for clean room, should pay attention to in the process of transportation light to take light put, avoid violent vibration and impact. After checking all the qualified, can install filters.

in most of the filter, its take up the space is relatively small, can save a lot of space for indoor, choose gathers the advantage of the filter has a lot of, not only can save space, but also simple and convenient to use, is everyone should choose a filter, it can filter a lot of area, thereby reducing the energy consumption, save the cost.

it can be designed to ensure that the airflow to small resistance, very durable, solid, good stability. Filter principle of adsorption method is adopted. It commonly used filtering material is super fine polypropylene fiber materials. It is characterized by a efficient air filtration product efficiency.

a filter has the advantage very much also many clients need, so we must periodically to filter and maintenance, in order to better play to its function. In life to use suggests that we should be in use after a period of time for cleaning, regular cleaning of the impurity on the filter bag and dirt, but also change the filter bag in a timely manner, so as to effectively avoid filter bag breakage, affect the filtering effect. Filters after cleaning the filter bag also can be repeatedly used, thus saving a lot of cost.

it should be noted on a regular basis for maintenance, if you have any goods jams, coating the surface of the filter should be cleaned up in a timely manner. If the surface of the filter material seriously damaged, you should patch processing. If can't bare surface damage, the new filter should be replaced. Only in this way to clean the filter regularly, can prolong the life time of the filter, in order to more effectively use, better play to its function.

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