Hepa filter tank cleaning should be how to do

by:Booguan     2020-11-15
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how to do a good job of cleaning liquid tank? After all reasonable cleaning to make liquid trough normal running effect and high efficiency filter, even beyond their own needs, but how to do a good job of this part? In the tank cleaning, what is need to attention? Wo yi small make up in here for everybody simple analysis.

equipment cleaning steps and right way

in the tank cleaning, must first understand the installation of the equipment remove way, after all equipment parts if you want to be clean, must to liquid trough to remove the first, to clean all parts, and then gradually to install.

after disassembly, need for different parts, different ways of cleaning, such as the clean shells, according to the need of clean degree, can choose different ways, such as is not very dirty, can wipe simple, if is dirty, you can use cleaner. Hepa filter tank inside some of the parts cleaning, too, if it is some pipeline cleaning, more direct way to clean it, and some of the sealing ring of cleaning, you need to use special cleaner, so that you can avoid aging sealing ring, affect the quality.

in clean finished parts have to be air is basked in, should pay attention to when dry, not in the sun insolates, also can't fire, try to choose a cool and dry ventilated place, at the same time also need to pay attention to the parts put way, don't appear tilt or put in a rough place, avoid the tank parts, the phenomenon of the deformation.

filter media need to clean the

filter medium is, of course, the need for clean, and different ways of clean filter media is also different. Filter media in clean, the first to observe the medium itself, such as filter and filter cleaning way is different. In addition also need to know the impurity and the impurity is how the principle of adsorption on the filter media, and then choose the appropriate method for impurity from the filter media.

in the tank cleaning, different parts need to choose different ways of cleaning, clean at the same time to grasp the right steps and the way, let the tank clean and orderly, and high efficiency filter to finish cleaning liquid trough efficient filter after work more smoothly.

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