Hepa filter screen in what circumstances need to change?

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
Filter equipment

filter is one of the important equipment of all kinds of filter products, its existence is the key to filter operation, but it belongs to consumable category in use process, after a period of time is changing, so high efficiency filter filter need to be replaced in what circumstances? We look at detail.

screen pack need to replace the precondition:

filter for filter is very important, if not the existence of the filter, filter function will not be able to play, so the choice of the material must be carefully before using, should not only pay attention to the suitability also pay attention to its quality, more attention should be paid to it with the compatibility between the equipment, in the process of use, with the increase of time, filter material is also need to be replaced. Conditions of

a: air volume down

if the surface of the filter accumulated a certain amount of dust, will lead to filter ventilation performance, equipment of the whole air volume at this time also reduces, in this case, the air volume is usually seventy-five percent of the filter, if the dust is more, the air volume will be severely reduced, which can't effectively filter, this time we need to replace filters to ensure that equipment to achieve good purification effect, so as to meet the demand.

condition 2: low wind speed change

more dust on the surface of the filter can also lead to low wind speed change, jam, wind speed, this will affect the filter pipe if filter in the process of using, users to find the wind speed decreased, the filter will pay special attention to the change of the filter, or it will affect the normal use of the air filtration product equipment.

condition 3: have leakage

hepa filter in the process of operation, if there is a penetration of filter, means it has been damaged, and no ability, the ideal cleaning effect, so the continuous use can lead to a rapid decline in air quality, users to timely replacement of filters, actually appear this kind of circumstance of the big problem is caused by the quality, we must pay special attention to choose when screening for its quality.

the above content just want you to know, when selecting a filter, not only pay attention to the function of the device itself, but also pay attention to the auxiliary materials can realize these functions, the use of these materials if guaranteed, can quickly realize the value of the use of the device itself, not only can effectively extend the service life of equipment.

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