Hepa filter scrap inspection and replacement method

by:Booguan     2020-10-25
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efficient filter has a lot of role, in many industrial sites, you can see it. But, you must know, in the use of high efficiency filter, it is important to note that the problem of the fixed number of year of the people must do check more at ordinary times, to see if it has come to life, if yes, need to replace the filter in a timely manner, can let it play a better role. That you how to check whether to use period, need to be scrapped? Scrap and then how to change?

want to know whether high efficiency filter has been scrapped, you need to check. If you can do the first environmental monitoring, found that the environment of impurity is more more, floating dust, should check and see what the dust comes from where. The dust is likely to be from have already can't continue to use the high efficiency filter, we open the machine, if the filter with black marks, it shows that this filter can't continue to use, need to be scrapped and updated.

if filter surface doesn't have any change, we can test the room air supply outlet air output, if air output is less, also suggests that the filter has been blocked, need to change, continue to use need to be scrapped filters, is very bad.

through the above introduction, already know what kind of high efficient filter need to be replaced, now have an idea of its replacement method together. Can first will need to be scrapped filters fixed the parts above are loose open, and then to be removed, according to needs to choose a new suitable filter, take a look at this new filter is normal, if normal, before you can install it in position.

after installation, you should also scrub plenum, safeguard the environment clean. After the change, you should also check it and see whether the newly installed filter can work properly. Main should check, the environment exists the problem of air leakage, if no air leakage, means that the new filter is very useful.

has let everybody know how to check whether the is need to change, also already know how to be replaced. In the use of high efficiency filter must to know this machine, so you can use conveniently.

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