Hepa filter production process is what? What are the good use effect?

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
Hepa filter products

now global environmental protection engineering is in full swing, although today, industry and the rapid development of science and technology, but the cost of rapid development is at the expense of the ecological environment to the survival of people, so today's society there are a lot of air purification equipment, such as no , so this kind of filter technology is what? What are the good use effect it? We look at the introduction below.

efficient filter production process:

this device is used often by industrial production of purification equipment, it can help the environment a great contribution, its volume is small, filtering effect is very stable, very uniform air supply velocity, usually used by many factories in the clean workshop; This kind of filter structure is a cube, the material is outside the box usually use a multilayer frame and aluminum alloy, aluminum box and so on.

generally use glass fiber filter materials and high efficiency filter, mainly because of the material high temperature resistant, and stable structure, can burn, it is important to its service life is long, so it is now more qualified filtering material, of course, following social fiber technology rapid development, some manufacturers also use electrostatic ptfe fiber as the filter material, and it will also be the development direction of the future.

efficient filter using effect:

this filter USES the hot melt adhesive filter is separated, so can facilitate mechanized production, and this kind of equipment division board of the metropolitan using high quality kraft paper, offset paper and aluminum plate, fluctuations in temperature and humidity, will affect the role of the diaphragm, serious word will also make clean room air cleanliness decline; So the enterprise if have high request for clean room, can choose this kind of equipment.

the principle of this device is that it can use electrostatic filter dust, although the classic role only when filter auxiliary role, but can make filtering effect improves obviously.

this is for high efficiency filter production technology and use effect of the introduction, hope these can let people recognize the function and operation principle of the device, if we have demand on this kind of equipment, can on the network search more relevant content, only have detailed knowledge of the equipment, in the choice to have answers.

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