Hepa filter maintenance is very important the more details the more attention should be paid

by:Booguan     2020-10-24
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any kind of equipment in use process, the consumption of energy and the wear parts is very much, if you don't pay attention to the maintenance regularly, considerably reduced the service life of equipment, reduce the use value. high efficiency air filter of this kind of equipment used in various industries very, most users in the use of the time forgot maintenance work, so today we also please the professional maintenance personnel, and everyone together to share the knowledge maintenance.

efficient filter and maintenance is not so simple, mainly there are a lot of details are trivial, easy to cause the staff. First, need professional maintenance personnel for maintenance of equipment. Second, pay attention to details. There are a lot of maintenance work and is need to pay attention to details, such as loose parts, used equipment for a long time, the internal parts is easy to become loose, maintenance personnel to check the internal parts, every time a loose or damaged, to tighten and replacement in time, to avoid more serious damage. Replacement of parts is the same as the original factory configuration, it is of great benefit to the equipment, and will not feel not smooth to use.

third, clean and efficient filters are equally important, the filter when using a month or so, there are some dust, if not timely cleaning, air filtration product efficiency and the accuracy will be affected, so it's very important to timely cleaning, good is to be able to take the filter out directly, using a soft bristle brush to brush a brush, wash the dust off. After cleaning the filter must be dry, and then install it back. If the net surface deformation or there is a loophole, need to replace a new screen pack, and before the same specifications.

4, on a regular basis to do a major maintenance equipment. A major maintenance cycle is three months to six months, the concrete also depends on the use effect of the user and device. Above to say is about the maintenance and , maintenance is very important thing, especially in some industries, basically equipment are running all day, without the correct maintenance of the life will be greatly reduced. Hope can cause the attention of every staff and factory, also can prolong the service life of equipment at the same time, also only in this way can be user better use, play a greater value.

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