Hepa filter installation of air supply outlet, need to master the basic common sense

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
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although efficient filter has excellent performance of air supply outlet, but if at the time of installation operation is not correct, then is also likely to lead to such filtering equipment do not better performance. Let's take a look at this kind of air filtration product equipment in the installation, should pay attention to the basic matters.

efficient filter installation of air supply outlet common sense

priority, each type of high efficiency filter air supply outlet is equipped with its own operating instructions, the staff in the process of installation and use must read the instructions, to master relevant knowledge, and after the operation can effectively installation program.

2, before installing must measure the size of this type of air supply outlet, and see if it satisfies the basic demands of field design, often need to measure before the choose and buy the amount of space, install such devices.

3, efficient filter before the installation of air supply outlet, the need for the corresponding cleaning and hygiene cleaning, need to install and use the corresponding standards, clean environment is achieved for the installation.

4, the first after the installation, high efficiency filter need to work more than 12 hours of continuous running of air supply outlet, and once again for effective cleaning.

5, for high efficiency filter air supply outlet of transportation, installation and placement, etc. , should be in strict accordance with the manufacturer identified the direction for placement, installation, in transport and move of unloading process requires to put light with light, avoid severe impact and vibration.

6, before installing to pass a series of inspection, to ensure the appearance, performance, and meet the specified requirements, such as size and technical characteristics of the filter unit can also meet the requirements before they can start to install.

7, after installation, the need for high efficiency filter leak detection program of air supply outlet, check the leak detection standard whether meet the requirements, to install, need according to the actual needs of customers, further on the resistance of the air supply outlet size to adopt effective mixing operation.

are widely used in different areas of the business user the air supply outlet, we can find that it's performance and effectiveness is critical. But remind friends here, in this kind of filter unit of choose and buy when, must be formal manufacturers to purchase, and according to their actual needs, and field work environment to consider, don't blindly obsessed with low price.

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