Hepa filter for how to install air supply outlet distress? Industry old teach you how to install driver

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
Hepa filter products

efficient filter used in purification of air supply outlet is an important link in the output of the air conditioning system, but the concrete is how to install? Hepa filter air diffuser and exactly what is that? Let's take a look at its structure and installation method.

efficient filter by high efficiency filter, air supply outlet of air supply outlet, the diffuser plate, pressure box, equipped with thermal insulation material of static pressure box, flange 4 suite. Cold rolled steel plate produced by air supply outlet, the surface of the lacquer that bake, pensu processing, on the above welding rings, screw and high efficiency filter dedicated nut. To ensure that the air injection speed, outlet air is good, prevent the formation of eddy current; Application, installation is simple, less investment, good sealing, etc. Suitable for all kinds of clean level the terminal air filtration product of clean air-conditioning system as well as a variety of maintenance of the structure of the clean room, clean room clean level determined by the high efficiency filter air diffuser. Hepa filter air supply outlet in the fields such as medicine, health, electronics, chemical purification of air conditioning system has got application.

high efficiency air filter air supply outlet direction of transportation and storage, please according to the manufacturer mark on hold. Don't go to intense collision and shake. Hepa filter before the installation of air supply outlet will supply the mouth clean. Tuyere flanging and seam need to add gasket between condole roof, because of the high efficiency filter air supply outlet is in the clean room need to install and replace. Before installation should be required to build the construction embedded spool, spool and if there are any cracks between condole top plate must be sealed well and then in the technology and replace high efficiency filter installed in the interlayer tuyere. Surface coating tuyere damage shall not be installed. Immediately after the installation of the tuyere and duct connection is good, sealed with plastic film and tape open end. best hepa filter the size of air supply outlet, of course, must comply with the design requirements.

efficient filters prior to installation and various cleaning of air supply outlet, polyester net clean room. Clean again with ash internal purification of air-conditioning systems, until meet the requirements of clean. Also many clean installation technology and high efficiency filter sandwich or ceiling. When the clean room and purify air conditioning system to fulfill the requirements of clean, clean air-conditioning system must be test run. More than 12 hours in a row run, clean clean room again, after to install immediately.

high efficiency air filter products installation of air supply outlet, the packaging must be opened at the scene of the installation, and check the appearance. Specific inspection: if there is any damage to the filter paper, sealant and frame length, diagonal size, thickness, frame with and without burrs and rusty spot, product certification, technical performance, after the leak detection. Hepa filter installed qualified through inspection and leak detection of air supply outlet. Concrete shall be carried out according to the size of resistance of each strainer reasonable allocate to check installation. Uniflow, same tuyere, between various filter on the surface of the air supply, each rated resistance and the resistance is less than 5%, the average level of cleanliness is equal to the high efficiency filter and higher than level 100 clean room. The installation framework and high efficiency filter to smooth. The installation of each framework flatness tolerance is not more than 1 mm. Gasket, stickers, negative pressure seal and seal tank and double loop seal is sealed between high efficiency filter and frame method, to clean the packing sealing surface, filter frame surface and framework surface and liquid trough.

high efficiency air filter products is used when the installation of air supply outlet thickness less than 8 mm, 25% ~ 30% compression rate of the gasket. Framework by using the juncture place without drainage phenomenon and liquid level to meet the design requirements of slot. On the ring cavity perforation in paste don't plug seals. Double loop seal and negative pressure seal negative pressure pipe must be unblocked. After vertical and filter paper crease sewing should be perpendicular to the ground, with the casing outside the arrow should be on the air flow in the same direction of high efficiency air filter air supply outlet.

that is high efficiency air filter installation method of air supply outlet, when installation should pay attention to safety. Wo yi purification equipment has been in the update information about high efficiency air filter inlet, are looking forward to your attention.

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