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by:Booguan     2020-10-24
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no filter in use after a period of time, is the need to wash, high efficiency filter is not exceptional also, in order to guarantee efficiency and high efficiency filter, regular cleaning is very important, but how to do a good job of cleaning and install accordingly? Really want to finish this part of the work, set to focus on the correct cleaning and installation methods, avoid surprises in the process of cleaning and installation.

1, the cleaning time should be more various

before cleaning, must first to the internal parts of the have a more understanding of many sided, see such a filter which is need to clean, according to different parts of what should be noticed in the process of cleaning problems.

when check parts, attention should be paid to the characteristics of different filter itself is what, what are the unique parts, don't ignore these parts in the process of cleaning, avoid various phenomena.

2, clean and efficient filters to pay attention to the features of different parts.

, for example, some parts in the cleaning process should be more soft, avoid cause certain damage to parts, use the cleaner should be also in the process of cleaning the corresponding special cleaner, should pay attention to in the later drying process, to avoid the deformation of parts. Can refer to the parts of the material first, see what kind of detergent cleaning need to use this material, what kind of method can be used in the process of cleaning. , of course, also need to pay attention to itself of filtering impurities, must clean up all the impurities.

3, pay attention to the high efficiency filter installation method

if you do not pay attention to in the process of installation of installation method, or it is easy to cause the damage of parts. In the process of transport parts and save, should take put down gently, avoid force loading and unloading, and at the same time pay attention to the parts in the process of installation of visit and installation, pay attention to different parts of links, avoid the phenomenon of leakage, deformation and breakage, also check again after installation, internal whether there is a stain. Attention should be paid to detect after the installation is complete, power is normal, have the problems such as infiltration, normal put into use only after test qualified.

clean and high efficiency filter and installation must be careful, a little mistake can lead to filter can't normal use. Once appear problem, must immediately stop using, where specific problems appear, after adjustment, ensure the machine after using normal, to be put into use properly.

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