Hepa filter clean room benefits, installation need specification to transport and use

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
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if clean room wants to maintain indoor air pure and fresh and comfortable, will need to filter to play a role. Clean room efficient filter is a kind of filter. It not only can purify indoor air, but also to the air is fresh, improve air quality. The following will introduce you to function and high efficiency filter and some installation method.

due to the nature of the clean room is different, according to the level of clean room, sterile degree, degree of temperature and humidity, refractory, choice of different levels such as corrosion to determine the clean room, clean room with high temperature resistance, moisture proof, corrosion resistant function. Adsorption of dust particles in the air and all the function of the suspended solids as a high efficiency filter, high efficiency filter as various air filtration product system at the end of the filter.

for clean room should be in accordance with the relevant provisions and regular check, change and record. Should check the degree of the filter material when check, check whether the filter material deformation or air leakage. Check framework, pipeline connection means such as presence of air leakage, also check casing pollution levels and the presence of corrosion. At the time of replacement of , to stop running the equipment, replacing the filter cannot be recycled, can not use after cleaning, should immediately lost.

after the replacement of clean room also want to clean up around the framework, but also have a spare filter, prevent damage of the filter, in the event of damage should be replaced immediately. This kind of high efficiency filter in use after a period of time, because a large number of dust filter adsorption on the surface of the filter material, thus resulting in a decline in filtering effect and influence the use efficiency, reducing the air purification effect.

general before installing the clean room should first comprehensive clean-up of clean room, and clean, clean room, after cleaning effect, should be installed immediately. So to ensure the efficiency of high efficiency filter, can prolong the life time of the filter, cost savings. Clean and replace filter mesh in a timely manner. In order to better use, can improve the efficiency of the filter.

the cleanroom in the daily settlement and storage, shall be placed according to the direction of the logo on the package; In the process of transportation should also pay attention to the principle of light to take light put, to avoid the fierce collision, at the same time also can't easily.

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