Hepa filter air supply outlet is what? How to install and use?

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
Filter equipment

in the midst of modern society, all kinds of air filtration product equipment in the people's life and industrial production of the filter device is not only the various types of filter, filter and various accessories, such as high efficiency filter air supply outlet, so what is the air supply outlet? How to install and use? We read in detail.

efficient filter air supply outlet:

it is mainly used in air conditioning and ventilation system, it can be very good guarantee the existence of air velocity can also prevent the emergence of the eddy current; The equipment cabinet as a whole with good cold rolled steel production; Surface using electrostatic pensu, beautiful and easy, so the surface structure is compact, make installation and maintenance is very convenient.

efficient filter installation requirements of air supply outlet:

prior to installation, the device must have a modular design, and structure must be through the anodized, has high sealing, as well as ensure that each module assembly completely parallel; Installation, the workers to know a great deal of equipment, typically, plenum material is made of aluminum, a side or top two interface types to choose from, rectangular tube link, of course, also can use the side.

installation, high efficiency filter must be solid device, filter differential pressure measuring holes must be on the field test, if you have any requirements, the user filter discarded after combustion processing, can choose not to bring a net wooden box.

efficient filter air supply outlet use requirements:

when using this device must master the real use of the method, before use, of course, is important to selection and installation, selection, and process to assure the quality of the equipment, but also pay attention to the matching degree of equipment to use the environment, as well as the production equipment manufacturer qualification, whether they have professional production technology and perfect production process and service system, service and sales system is perfect, can very good guarantee the subsequent installation and technical support, can improve the user experience, also can let the device effectively play its value.

in fact, whether it is a high efficiency filter installation of air supply outlet and requirements, has the corresponding rules, take the installation, many devices are plus ca change, only if we put the specifications and features of the device itself as a premise, pay attention to the corresponding detail equipment, can achieve effective installation, of course choose equipment also is such.

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