Hepa filter air supply outlet is expensive or not how do you sell the market price

by:Booguan     2020-10-23
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air supply outlet has a very important role for filter, filter is an indispensable equipment in it. So efficient filter air supply outlet is expensive or not? Is important because it is over, so the customer has always attached great importance to the price for it. We let the sales staff to analyse the market price, to determine which factors will affect the changes in the price of it?

priority, ratio of high and low affect price

as you all know, high efficiency filter is divided into the quality of air supply outlet, the better the quality, the higher prices will surely, instead of quality in general, prices are generally. And now the device has the indispensable role for filter, there is a requirement for high quality must be.

2, installation way affect prices

different efficient filter air ports have different installation way, in order to be able to save more money, people will choose simple installation, the fixed in the air filtration product of air supply outlet directly to go. Part of the air supply outlet is a combination of air supply outlet and high efficiency filter, including diffuser plate, pressure box, etc. , so when installation should pay attention to the combination between the parts.

3, efficient filter design of air supply outlet influence prices

hope the client can buy to design efficient filter air supply outlet, but the general style of air supply outlet price will be more expensive, but because is upgraded, and so on various aspects of function, the quality will be better. Customer thinks, spend high price for a quality is reliable, fully functional air supply outlet more affordable, at least in the late of time don't need to repeatedly repair, so also can save a sum of maintenance costs, especially for equipment can have a long service life and avoid the problem of a lot of trouble.

4, different origin influence prices.

efficient filter origin of air supply outlet has a lot of, including some of the import and export of equipment, in general,
as imports of equipment need pay tariff, so to be relatively more expensive imported equipment. This depends on the actual needs of customers.

the market price of the air diffuser in about five hundred yuan to two thousand yuan, the price gap so big, it is also because, as a result of many factors, the above is only part of the analysis of give you, hope the client can consider when buy, good or purchase cost-effective equipment, so that will have greater security.

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