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by:Booguan     2020-11-16
Filter equipment

a lot of people want to know the basic function of henan precision air filters, after all its sales in the market is very high, also played a good role in terms of air filter. The following will introduce.

henan air filer appearance is very beautiful, material is stainless steel, the internal structure is more complex, because involves melt-blown, folding, such as technology, even the filter is made of titanium, in order to ensure the filtering effect, we will also use tubular filter, is activated carbon material, most manufacturer is considering filter when considering filter medium is different, so as to ensure that filtered water quality reach the standard to use.

industrial environment often see all kinds of suspension, so do solid-liquid separation is the key, if you want to improve environmental requirements, at this point it is necessary to buy henan precision air filters, especially liquid filter is critical, for requires a high degree of accuracy, so it is necessary to consider the strainer. In addition in the field of some chemical or environmental protection will also be used to this kind of filter.

the following look at the basic characteristics of henan precision air filters, it's frame type structure, belongs to the bag filter, if the production has a high requirement on the refinement of this kind of product is accord with the requirement of people. Characteristic is filtering efficiency is very high, also can maintain quite high accuracy, it set the filter aperture quality is very good, can be used for a long time will not affect the work effect. And it doesn't matter that it meets the chemical solvent, because itself has the role of acid or alkali resistance.

henan air filer has such a powerful strength, high temperature environment also can be used completely, and will not happen deformation, so the sales market has been very high, its advantage is reflected in the price is lower, set the complete function and good filtering effect, and other characteristics.

many operators said, in the process of use henan precision air filter products, clean process is very simple, because itself has the function of automation, so easy and convenient. More basic parameters, such as filtering, and there are some filter USES pressure and filter specifications, etc. , slightly understand can know.

this is to introduce the basic content of henan precision air filters, it is meaningful to understand the different product parameter Settings. On this basis, can do to factory inspection, and then choose the suitable classification.

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