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by:Booguan     2020-11-16
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oil mist filter can be installed in all kinds of mechanical processing center, and for oil mist, water mist and dust in the environment, such as material, good air filtration product and purification, which can solve a lot of industrial hazards, why do you say that? Industrial concerns what? Wo yi here small make up to take you to understand, which industrial oil mist filter can solve hidden dangers.

1, the impact on employee health. In general in the process of production, may produce a lot of oil mist, the mist will directly on the staff of the respiratory system and skin causing very bad influence, will affect the working efficiency of the staff in the short term, but in the long run, a long-term working in this environment, staff will have to a lot of occupational disease, the impact on the healthy body is very serious.

2, work environment without oil mist filter, may lead to the result is that the oil mist will be attached directly on the floor and accumulated for a long time may cause the floor very satiny, staff may arise in the process of walking slip phenomenon, serious influence for personal safety. And if you use the oil mist filter, the oil mist is not attached on the floor, can adsorb and filtered, can keep the safety of working environment.

3, if the oil mist in the air, not to be oil mist filter air filtration product and adsorption on time, in the long run will be attached on all kinds of machine tools, circuit system, control system, enterprises need to increase the control system of machine tools, circuit system, maintenance frequency, increase maintenance costs, increase maintenance costs, to ensure that all of the machine tool can stable operation, all kinds of circuit system and operating system, there is no problem can be work stable.

4, if the oil mist outside, will directly damage the environment, the enterprise to face the punishment of the relevant departments, but also may cause the hidden trouble of the fire. With oil mist filter to filter, outside out of gas, does not contain oil mist, at this time also can reduce the hidden trouble of the fire, will not pollute the environment.

oil mist filter can solve a lot of industry, a lot of people think that if the discomfort oil mist filter, can save a lot of cost, but hidden trouble ensued, once the hidden dangers, to solve the need to spend more money. So in industrial situations, configure corresponding oil mist filter, solve the hidden trouble, also can make a business with less cost, can be more stable and safe production.

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