Henan activated carbon filtration equipment filtering effect how?

by:Booguan     2020-11-16
Activated carbon filtration equipment

if you want to fully understand the main characteristic of henan activated carbon air filtration product equipment, we still need to analyze, from the perspective of the activated carbon, it is a very important filter medium, and it is made of a variety of raw materials, such as coal dust and so on, these materials after carbonization can form granular material, which have the effect of adsorption.

can say the presence of the activated carbon for filtering industry development has played a role, it is no longer with the method of single mechanical filtering effect, but to give full play to the role of the microporous activated carbon surface. Therefore henan activated carbon air filtration product equipment has been very popular on the market, because its filtering principle is very simple, filtering effect is very good.

if you want to know the activated carbon filter medium, we can have a look at its specific surface area, basically can reach the level of 700 ~ 2300 m2 / g. It is using the molecular attraction force, between the filter material can be adsorbed and thereby filtering effect.

henan activated carbon air filtration product equipment has very obvious characteristics, the first is the filter material structure very much, if we reverse flushing will be very easy, even install the filter device to discharge device together it doesn't matter, because you can achieve good performance. In addition we can also according to the hydraulic system for mediation, if you have any tanks installation can also be a variety of material selection, common carbon steel, and glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.

below to introduce you to the application range of the henan activated carbon filtration equipment, it can remove many substances, such as oil is easy to cause the stench, after activated carbon adsorption can be solved. Some product received metal contamination, there will be color, still can be improved using activated carbon equipment.

in addition, henan activated carbon filtration equipment also played an important role in urban water supply system, because it can solve the water quality deodorant bleaching. Even in the beverage, food industry, if the need for water purification, everybody also often choose this kind of equipment. Thus, it involves very wide in industry field, so a lot of filter manufacturers are rushing to equipment update and upgrade.

so everybody if you want to buy activated carbon filtration equipment, henan completely don't have to worry about its filtering effect, just choose suitable model.

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