Hebei high temperature resistant filter which good? How to evaluate the quality of the high temperature resistant filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-16
High temperature resistant filter

with the rapid development of industry, the application range of the high temperature resistant filter become more and more wide, such as power plant in high temperature dust adsorption and processing requires the participation of high temperature resistant filter. Unlike ordinary air filters, high temperature resistant filter need to filter material has a certain high temperature resistant properties, and has the stronger adsorption for high temperature smoke.

because of the need to bear high temperature, so the similar bag, non-woven filter material is difficult to meet the requirements of high temperature resistant, so in the actual structure, high temperature resistant filter inside the filter material for glass fiber materials, almost all of the material is brittle, but current filter material in high temperature resistant performance is good high temperature resistant materials except ceramic filters.

hebei high temperature resistant filter which good? At present, the purification filtering equipment has become a most important requirement in the process of enterprise in the practical production, thus able to make high temperature resistant filter and filter equipment manufacturers more. Due to technical management ability is different, of course, for different quality requirement, produced by the filter product performance will also have certain difference, when choosing high temperature resistant filter, therefore, should look for the industry well-known manufacturers, when it is necessary to visit some suppliers in the field of research, so as to select the supply of a high quality service.

in general, to evaluate the quality of the high temperature resistant filter is to evaluate the quality performance of high temperature resistance air filtration product material, high temperature resistant filter material in the market at present basically has domestic and imported, imported manufacturers of quality is constant, but the quality of the domestic manufacturers. When selecting a high temperature resistant filter, therefore, should as far as possible to observe about the source of the filtering material as well as the certification of the relevant departments, try to choose through the national authorities and international authoritative institutions dual certification testing of high temperature resistant filter manufacturers.

on the structure of high temperature resistant filter internal fiberboard is fragile, stainless steel filter can be placed so, in order to protect the purpose of. Which are frequently used in the industrial production of high temperature resistant filter types for flat filter, it has more advantages in the structure, the fiber strength and ductility are good, will not lead to filter material, because of the wind is too large mixed together, affect its filtering performance.

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