Haze filter principle is simple, improve health quality of life

by:Booguan     2020-10-28
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although improved constantly with the people's standard of living, but the increasingly serious environmental problems, most cities have started to appear serious smog. Based on this situation, the fog haze filter arises at the historic moment, help people to filter the fog haze, improve air quality, help people's health.

in the haze contains mainly by sulfur dioxide and pm2. 5 ingredients, such as fog filter according to its specific situation, has carried on the design, the main applications are the following principle:

1, inertia and diffusion

in the fog particles can follow the flow of the gas and flow, when the haze filters through mist, will be a filter filter, filter particles adsorbed to the air.

2, adsorption principle

when fog air flowing through the fog haze filter, filter medium in adsorption, and the particles in the air of larger particles, thus the block outside of the filter.

3, electrostatic principle

in the haze filters, through relevant principle of fiber and some medium particles take charge, electrostatic effect. When air flows through, then will be more solid mutual adsorption.

4, chemical air filtration product

in the haze, is not only contains the particles, but also contains some harmful gases. When air flows through the fog haze filters, let these harmful gases and filter in the reaction medium, change its form, form a new solid, liquid or other harmless gas, thus to filter it.

the above introduction of the principle is the foundation of the state, the principle of the looks be like simple, but to really make it produced but not so simple. As a user, we know the principle, the choose and buy will produce certain help, so that when the choose and buy can have more reference factor.

haze filter when the choose and buy, we'll be the first to see the product label, detailed view reading the manual, how to communicate with staff, understand the basic conditions of filter. When the choose and buy, of course, also want to consider cost and use of space and other related issues, from the perspective of demand on the basis of, choose to suit their own products.

if possible, can run for fog filters, listen to see the effect, noise, and then decide if what you need. Environmental problems become increasingly serious today, fog filter can help us to solve some trouble, why not?

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