gotts air intake mod - ford

by:Booguan     2020-09-05
Origin: The Gotts Mod was initiated by a member (Gotts2BMe)
On the F150 Forum
Original articles can be found here.
The concept is to cut off the small \"snorkeling\" end of the factory air box and replace it with a piece of pvc pipe.
The diameter of the Pvc pipe is larger than that of the Ford snorkel pipe, which allows more air to enter the entrance.
Cheap parts, simple and effective mod.
This Ford car is very popular.
Updated version: I own the 2010 Ford Expedition and the original Gotts Mod doesn\'t work because the intake system is completely different.
However, Ford continues to use the method of a large gas tank with a restricted ventilation tube.
Some pretty smart people note that Ford continues to use the same airbox in later versions of their product line
Rising, but the size of snorkeling increased significantly.
So all you need to do is buy the snorkel tube from the later Ford model and install it on your factory black box.
Statement: You are modifying the factory engine configuration.
Although you will be using parts from the Ford plant, this may void your warranty and violate various federal, state and local environmental regulations.
You will also deal with some subtle parts that will be expensive to replace if they are broken.
Risk on its own.
Tools: Screwdriver
Flathead1/2 \"socket/Wrench5/16\" socket/WrenchT20 Torx drill bit and drive parts: mass airflow sensor cleaner-$8 (
Any auto parts store)
High flow air filter
SpectreFord snorkeling P/N $359F721-
Ebay or local Ford dealer ($7)
This part has several different exact part numbers as it is suitable for a variety of vehicles, but they all have 9F721 in the part number. I used \"AL3Z-9F721-A\". Also, \"7C3Z-9F721-A\" will work. )
We didn\'t do anything about the electrical system, but you do need to disconnect the battery.
This will reset the computer and let it \"forget\" the current fuel mapping.
The computer will re-learn the fuel map based on the newly added airflow.
It will reset the computer for the fuel mapping.
It will also clear your travel mileage, average MPG, etc.
This does not remove any radio presets or other features stored in the car.
If you have installed a new high performance air filter products, it is best to remove and clean the MAF sensor again.
The high performance air filter is an oil-coated cloth, and the oil sometimes covers/pollutes the MAF sensor after re-installation.
Cleaning the MAF sensor is a simple process that should be done every time you clean and re-clean
Refuel the air filter products.
It is also recommended that you do it every 6 months, even if you are using a cheap paper filter.
Keeping the sensor clean will help your engine computer to accurately determine the amount of air entering, which will enable it to accurately determine the appropriate fuel curve.
It\'s not my idea.
I\'m not even the first person to record the Ford Expedition program.
But it took me a while to find the appropriate instructions on the forum, so I think it would be easier for people to find one.
These instructions and more information can be found on the adventure Forum.
This mod should work on any Ford truck or suv with similar airbox settings.
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