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Jay ROMANOMAY 29,2008 summer of temperature and humidity, and hit the \"cool\" button for it, you will want your air
The air conditioner responds with cold air and satisfactory buzz.
Doing some maintenance now can help ensure this happens.
Richard H. Suggested that the first step, though a simple one, is often overlooked: make sure that the unit is no longer wearing winter clothes
Toder, executive director of T/S Associates, Manhattan heating and air
Air conditioning company.
\"You won\'t believe how many people forget to take off the lid and eventually burn their equipment,\" he said . \". Central air-
Tim Carter, founder of Www, said air-conditioning units usually have a compressor outside the house and also need breathing space. askthebuilder. com, a home-
Improve the website.
He said look at the weeds or bushes that are not too close to the compressor and that no debris is sucked into the coil.
There should be at least a few feet of clearance around and above the compressor, its fins-
Like a series of thin metal bars behind a window-conditioner —
There must be no dirt or debris.
Next, remove the filter of the device and clean or replace it.
If the filter is not clean, the work may be blocked by dust, which greatly reduces the efficiency of the equipment.
In the window unit, the filter is either custom-fit plastic-
Frame fiberglass filter that can be cleaned and dried, or Sir\'s normal foam filter
Toder said it should be replaced instead of cleaned.
Spend a few dollars to buy a new one at a family center or hardware store and narrow it down to the right size.
In the central air-conditioning system, the filter is in the air processor, usually in the basement or in the attic. The filters —
This is usually also a stove filter.
Available in a specific size that can be found in a hardware store or a family center.
\"You don\'t have to buy a very expensive filter as long as you are determined to change it every 30 days,\" Mr. Carter said. A medium-
About $5 price filters may be enough, he said.
Most experts say cleaning inside the unit is also important --
Especially the evaporator coil that looks like a copper tube coil.
Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush.
With a window unit, this may include removing the front cover to reach the coil;
With a central air conditioning unit, you may need to remove the cover from the shell of the evaporator coil.
If this looks too complicated or too difficult, please look for a professional.
Peter valsalona, head of Rand engineering and construction in Manhattan, said,
Air conditioning mounted on sleeves through walls-
Like many apartments.
It is usually possible to slide out the sleeves and clean them.
Once clean, air-
The conditioner can be tested to make sure it still cools well.
For a window unit, the test is no longer easy.
\"Wait until the temperature outside is about 70 degrees, turn on the device, wait a few minutes, it will work if it blows cold air,\" Mr. Carter said.
Tom Kraeutler, a colleague
The host of the syndicate radio program \"Golden money pit\" provides a relatively simple test for the central unit.
Once the outdoor temperature reaches about 60 degrees, turn on the device and let it run for 10 to 15 minutes, then place a room thermometer near the vent where the air is about to come out, and the other is in a return vent, the air was pulled back to the unit.
\"What you\'re looking for is a 12-to 20-
The degree difference between them, \"he said.
If you can\'t find it, the unit may leak the coolant and should be checked by a professional, he said.
Advertising john Proctor, president, San Rafael Proctor engineering group, California
, Provides some suggestions for efficient use of central air conditioning system.
Set the fan to auto, so that the fan will only turn on when the device cools the air, and resist the urge to turn off the exhaust register in unused rooms, he said.
With all registers open, the system will run more efficiently, he said.
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