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Our high-quality, energy-saving filters help protect people, processes and ventilation filters products from particulate matter (PM). Choose from a wide variety of filters designs and classes – ePM10 to ePM1 – to meet your unique challenges. Our filters comply with EN779, ISO 16890 and ASHRAE 52.2 standards

Bag filters are the most common air filters in HVAC systems for industrial use as well as for comfort applications. The filters in the supply air are used as first and second filter stages, either as complete filtration solutions for comfort applications or as prefilters for clean process applications. These filters are also used in the exhaust air or in recirculation systems to protect the air handling units. Bag filters have a significantly higher dust-holding capacity and longer lifetimes than other filters.

The V-shaped header frame filters, are often used as a second filter stage in the supply air, either as a last filter stage for comfort applications or as a second prefilter stage for clean process applications. The filters provide excellent filtration efficiency at low pressure drops and need less space (depth) in air handling systems than bag filters.

Pleated panels play an important role in extending lifetime and IAQ of air handling units in residential and commercial buildings, hospitals or even units for clean processes. Prefilters are meant to protect fine filters in all applications by capturing larger particles such as coarse and PM10 both in air intake or recirculation air.

The box type filter is a deep pleated filter with and without header frame. It´s used for air conditioning applications and preparatory filtration in cleanrooms.

Media rolls can be used as pad prefilters in air handling units, but also as filters in paint booths and similar applications

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