Gas-liquid filter production process fine filtering effect is remarkable

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
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filter exists in every corner of life and industrial production, however, each field will be used for different types of filters, coupled with the rapid development of science and technology now, the quality and function of the filter are increase quickly, gas-liquid filter is so so, so what is the working principle of this product? And what are the characteristics? We look at the introduction of below.

gas-liquid filter working principle:

gas-liquid filter using the principle of separation of gases, it is the use of different proportion of the gas and liquid, the configuration to a gas pressure device, when the gas into the device, would reduce the flow velocity, in the process of the fluid to gas containing a small amount of liquid will be separated. This product can also be the saturation of gas, by means of temperature or pressure, allowing air to condense gas forming droplets, and then recycling, so as to purify air.

gas-liquid filter characteristics:

1, the effect is stable, because at the time of making selected high-quality raw materials, so it's difficult to in the use of the process of deformation.

2, light, high quality production of raw materials to products after forming, network and network has high pressure resistance, and also be able to work under high intensity.

3, clean simple, because of the single layer air filtration product material has the characteristics of simple cleaning, so it is suitable for use in a back flush.

4, high temperature resistant, through the professional test, this product can withstand the high temperature of four hundred and eighty degrees.

5, corrosion resistance, due to the use of raw material is stainless steel, so the product itself has high wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

6, good quality, because good material selection, combined with professional mature production technology, whether it is cut, tensile, bending and welding procedure done so very well in terms of quality also is very good.

that's working principle and characteristic of gas-liquid filter related introduction, hope the above content can let everybody to make a further understanding about this product, but also remind everyone demanders, buy this device not only to ensure the quality, but also according to their own use requirements and use of the environment, and the collocation of device type to select the suitable products to ensure the use efficiency, but also pay special attention to, compatibility between products and purification equipment, here recommend a professional manufacturer for you - — Shanghai he yi purification equipment manufacturing co. , LTD.

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