Gas-liquid filter is what? What kind?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
Filter equipment

gas-liquid filter and can be referred to as the woven wire mesh, referred to as liquid gas network, it is a special kind of woven wire mesh, the screen of the application range is wide, is mainly used in the automotive industry, electronic industry.

look from silk screen production materials, vapor liquid filter can be divided into three categories: the first is metal wire, mainly stainless steel wire. The second category is made of nonmetal silk, nylon, polyethylene as the main material, and polypropylene or material such as glass fibers; Another is combining the metal wire and non-metallic wire, the purpose is to achieve crossover design, it can play a better filtering effect, mainly used for the separation of gas and droplets. Can also be extruded, used in the manufacture of filtration equipment.

gas-liquid filter can be divided into several kinds, have normal, penetration and high wear three types, permeability as the prominent characteristics of products, products with wire mesh pad, circle, and oil and gas separator, etc. This kind of filter can be used for a variety of industries, including petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery, pharmaceutical, ethylene synthetic ammonia, chemical fiber, automobile, environmental protection, etc. By the metal wire and non-metallic wire woven wire mesh, the screen used to make silk screen defoaming device screen pad. Gas-liquid separation, gas water separation, such as oil/water separation device of the mesh. Engines of automobiles, tractors and all kinds of filter. Auto parts of sealing, shock absorption, sound and exhaust purification device. Electronic, electrical products of preventing electromagnetic interference shielding device.

gas-liquid filter is one of the metal wire mesh products, it is mainly applied to remove entrained in the gas entrainment,
for vapor liquid filter, the specific surface area is a measure of the degree of adsorption parameters. Same weight of vapor liquid filter, the larger the surface area, the smaller mesh, the more dense, will be, the greater the adsorption and air filtration product effect will be better, so the opposite filtering effect will be very poor.

many requirements people will just to buy filter according to the requirement of the factory, the following to introduce some knowledge of purchase. Today, the manufacturer of vapor liquid filter is very much, and the price will also each are not identical, type and size have differences. Choose gas-liquid filter also want to clear it before use, such as choosing this screen is used to make silk screen defoaming device screen mat, or used for gas-liquid separation, gas water separation, oil-water separation, etc. So you must go well when buy, choose the appropriate filter, only in this way, can better play to its function, ensure that its filtering efficiency.

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