Gas-liquid filter in the process of maintenance should be what kind of things?

by:Booguan     2020-11-17
Filter equipment

if you are a love tinkering with ornamental fish, my friends, for the fine aquarium facilities will have corresponding requirements. And aquarium filter can be said to be the aquarium fish tank indispensable equipment, some fish friends may not clear the role of the aquarium filter, small make up then introduce you aquarium filter three big effect, the friends together to get to know well the new mermaid.

in the first place, use aquarium filter will need to clean up the surface of suspended matter.

second, aquarium filter must contain the filter material, the filter cotton, such ability make the adhesion of bacteria in water in the above, the bacteria can be anywhere at any time in the future is the result of residual food fish, aquarium aquatic plants and waste consumption or get rid of. They support the aquarium fish tank body system, at the same time to maintain the health of the fish, the role of second only to the fish tank in the water.

again, aquarium filter can provide liquidity of aquarium fish tank water or an infinite loop. Many fish like liquid water or light rhythm of running water, water can be supplemented aquarium fish tank in the supply of oxygen. Just, water circulation system of water can not be too strong and make the water bubble overflow screen pack quickly. It should be continued liquidity is relatively quiet, why to be like this, its basic reason is: bubble liquidity will be discharged CO2 at the same time, the CO2 is to sustain plant life essential for supply of carbon. A vessel containing filter cotton filters can choose. Only, any filter cartridge containing filter cotton, need often clean, need is a tank in water treatment together, this is because it is very easy to block. Block, filter use have oxygen consumption problem and can't do it on the role of the water cycle.

the other is to clean the filter cotton, only can use warm water, and can not completely wash or rinse, in case of destruction of adhesion in the above bacteria.

that is about the role of filter equipment in aquatic facility, do you understand?

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