Fresh air to filter box, how much do you know about these things?

by:Booguan     2020-11-22
Filtration equipment

often focus on news of friends may know about recent popular fresh air system is. The advantages of simple, fresh air system, compare common air conditioning, not only ability did not change, but also added a function: can carry on the simple to the air filter. You don't look down upon this feature, the actual effect is very good. Let's look at what is under the filter box, fresh air system!

we must first understand filter box is generally used in the fresh air in the system. The fresh air system is generally divided into static type and two kinds of spiral. Both have their own advantages, the former maintenance use more convenient, the latter's air volume is bigger. When we choose is to choose according to their needs. At present air pollution has been got the attention of the people, life to us is larger.

common fog weather in life is caused because of air pollution. Especially in recent years, air pollution, for the old man and the harm of children. Go out when we choose to wear a mask, then go home to relax. Home really much better than outside? Isn't. Some research suggests that, in fact, the difference of indoor and outdoor is not very big, not safe at home.

fresh air system is the core of the device or filter box. The role of the filter tank is very big, the main filter harmful substances in the air, particle, bacterium. The human eye look not to come out. But a little bit careful can still find the air to be change. Now life, the use of fresh air in the office system, not only do not need to open a window ventilated take a breath, you can breathe the fresh air, and is beneficial to our health, so why not?

we try to choose large manufacturers, choose filter box in this quality guarantee, also have problems in use can also first time to be resolved. Of course we want to choose according to their needs. Family and the office is not the same, choose the specification is different, it must be clear.

that is today for everyone to share the fresh air filter products box, believe everybody is a stranger to it before, now have a certain understanding. You can focus on find out if there is demand. In today's serious environmental pollution, to your family's health, we are going to focus on the relevant dynamic. You still have what doubt, can undertake advisory to the company's official website, believe that there must be a satisfactory answer.

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