Fresh air filter cleaning need to pay attention to what problem?

by:Booguan     2020-11-22
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at the time of any equipment used, all need to pay attention to cleaning work, reasonable cleaning can make equipment service life is longer, let the equipment in the process of work is more stable, and for fresh air filter, also is such. If we can reasonable clean air filter, can make filtering work for a long time to maintain in a good state, remove the work of cleaning the normal, what need to notice?

reasonable remove and put the air filter

when clean air filter, hard to avoid can remove and put the problems, if do not reasonable, may cause the air filter is damaged. In the process of disassembly to master skills, reasonable remove can avoid the air filter is damaged, can't remove the way violence. After removed, should be flat on the ground, unless special need, otherwise don't fold, also do not stand, because it put may cause the air mesh deformation or even damaged, and can't continue to use.

use neutral air filter cleaner

in the use of air filter, should try to use neutral air filter cleaner, if stronger acid, alkaline, may cause the air filter is damaged. If air attached some stains and impurity on the filter itself is some acid, alkaline, want to use the corresponding ways to clean, you need to ask in advance air filter manufacturer, the impurities without destroying should use what method ability under the condition of air filter to do a good job of cleaning.

note in a timely manner for parts replacement

note, when clean air filter simple cleaning can only let the fresh air filter clean, but if some parts appear the phenomenon of the breakage, timely replacement is also very necessary. You can at the time of cleaning the air filter products, repair and maintenance of equipment, by the way, see if there are some parts have a need to change the situation, timely replacement can make fresh air filter products to work better, not because other parts damaged, and affect the quality of the air filter products and working effect.

do fresh air filter cleaning, need to notice is that several aspects, do this a few aspects of the work, to make cleaning work become more meaningful, let the fresh air filter of better quality, higher working efficiency and stability, service life also can have certain security.

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