Formaldehyde production with filter useful really? How to remove formaldehyde

by:Booguan     2020-11-13
Filter equipment

when using gas filter, it is important to note that the filter replacement, if can actually replace filter at the right moment, such as the gas filter or coal filter, nature can make the gas filter of the work to maintain in a relatively stable level, air filtration product efficiency and filtration effect basically can be guaranteed, but is a difficult problem how to control the timing, if early replacement, filter will waste time, if too late change, and can't keep a good filtering level, how to do?

note gas filter core saturation degree

everybody to pay attention to the first is the gas filter core saturation degree, generally we can first carried out on the gas filter core, know the filter basic will work in the intensity of what cases, work how long, will reach saturated state. You must first with the gas filter core, we avoid in the process of work, because do not understand, and difficult to determine the reasonable need for cleaning and replacement of time, if you have any about the concept of the time, basically can before use, a relatively rough plan to replace.

attention gas filter core maintenance time

next to notice is the access time, in many cases, the gas filter filter has not yet reached saturation state, but the gas filter itself need for maintenance, the gas filter core can be clean replacement with gas filter maintenance and repair work. You can reasonable first work out a plan for the gas filter cartridge replacement, then combined with the gas filter maintenance plan, basically can organize better gas filter cartridge replacement program.

check the gas filter cartridge in time

of course, you also need to pay attention to is the gas filter cartridge to check, after all, from the point of view of the current situation, a lot of people don't know how to do to reasonable planning, then it can only be used in the gas filter, random strain, and observe the gas filter is required at this time in all kinds of values, when some numerical more than critical path will need to inspect whether the gas filter core has reached saturation state, whether to need to replace the gas filter cartridge in time.

in the use of the gas filter, need timely understand filter, know what filter in the state, is reached the saturated state, what time should be replaced.

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