Formaldehyde harm big choice ventilation filter create a healthy and comfortable good environment

by:Booguan     2020-11-13
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after a lot of people just finished decorating the house will be eager to live in, after all, is his new home anxious mood everybody can understand. But remind everyone here, just the house decoration is must immediately check in, because the house decorate will use a variety of decoration materials, which contain large amounts of formaldehyde, harm to human body is very big. Now most of the families in decorating, at the same time will install ventilation filter, eliminate formaldehyde, to create a healthy environment.

the reason must remove formaldehyde, because it is dangerous. Formaldehyde can cause the body's immune function decline, leading to liver damage and even nerve centre would also be affected, especially in the formaldehyde in living room for a long time, this phenomenon will gradually deepen, if it is in the living space with plenty of formaldehyde, a healthy body will gradually be hurt, serious harms to people's lives. In addition to people's eyes, nose, throat, and respiratory tract will produce certain effect. Formaldehyde is a kind of poisonous and harmful substances, it may cause people to cancer. For pregnant women, are not only have an effect on pregnant women's health, but also has a certain influence on fetuses. It is known that pregnant women live for a long time in a house contains a lot of formaldehyde, freak's child is likely to be larger.

for children, the presence of formaldehyde can seriously affect a child's growth and development, formaldehyde will get some children leukemia, memory daydream even the phenomenon of slow growth, and so on. And formaldehyde is a substance may cause harm to the skin, have a strong stimulation to the skin mucous membrane, formaldehyde when skin is exposed to formaldehyde later will become crack, wrinkle, sweat secretion will be much less, to know the secretion of sweat will hinder the pore dirt and metabolism of the body. The harm of formaldehyde a lot, so people will try to remove formaldehyde. There are many ways, but none with equipment to remove more thorough, ventilation filter is a good choice, won the recognition of people.

things mentioned above we are formaldehyde harm to human body, don't look down upon this kind of gas, is likely to threaten people's health and even life, be sure to pay attention to it. Choose to suit oneself family of air filters, check-in before open three or four hours a day, can effectively remove formaldehyde, make indoor air more pure and fresh and healthy.

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