filtration systems a crucial part of keeping supply clean

by:Booguan     2020-09-07
Water is essential for man and beast.
Once a well is drilled, drilling it to the ground and providing a reliable and safe supply may require some sophisticated equipment.
The traditional system is higher
A ground pump mounted on a steel pressurized tank with a bladder inside.
Essentially, the electric drive pump revolves around a loop of circulating water, backing up larger pipes into the tank along a small pipe, through 1 feet valves in the well.
There is more room for the water that extends the larger pipe up from the foot valve in the well, which creates a vacuum, draws water from the well and deposits it into the bladder in the pressurized water container.
The pump fills the bladder until the preset pressure at the pressure switch is reached, thus cutting off the pump motor.
The air pressure in the steel tank then squeezes the bladder filled with water in order to supply it around the farm or house.
When the bladder is emptied, the pressure drops to the inside of the cylinder until the pressure switch turns on the electric pump again and refills the bladder again.
As a result, the process of pumping and supply continues.
Today, this submersible is probably the most common pump in the country.
In general, they are very reliable and durable, able to pump a lot of water for a long time.
Only one water pipe is needed to get off the well (
Power cord)
, So they are easier to install.
Water pumps are only part of the water supply system;
There are pressure vessels on the ground, and maybe water treatment or filtration systems.
To find out what water systems are available in terms of filtration and processing, and what they may cost, I called Pat Conroy at Camolin, a company at Wexford, he has many years of experience in supplying and installing pumping and filtration systems.
One of his customers had problems with bacteria and iron and manganese in the water.
Pat is equipped with iron/manganese filtration system and UV filter for power supply directly after pump.
\"Iron and manganese can cause color change in clothes,\" Pat explains . \".
\"The filter will remove both from the water supply system.
There is a product called Crystal in the large blue cylinder.
Yes, filter silicon crystals of iron and manganese pollutants.
On the right is a rectangular blue bin with coarse granular salt in it.
\"Maintenance is required for Iron/manganese filters.
It cleans the crystal using coarse granular salt-
Right Media behind. wash system.
This is automatically executed at night.
\"Time and washing time are running out,\" Pat said . \".
He explained that the cost will depend on the system installed.
\"What you see is about 1,350 euros to 1,550 euros.
An ordinary home system will use about 25 kg bags (€9-10)
\"There is salt every month,\" he said . \".
\"For lime and nitrate in water, there is a system similar to the iron/manganese unit, which is about half the height, but it uses different media for lime, different use of nitrate.
They all use salt in the back.
Cleaning system.
\"The price of the installation is 800 euros-
Lime or nitrate units are 900.
\"UV filters installed on the customer\'s water supply system are used to kill harmful bacteria.
Pat explained: \"Basically, the UV filter works by having a glass lining inside the device with an UV light bulb inside.
Water kills bacteria through glass lining and UV rays.
\"Some maintenance is also required for UV filters.
\"There is a pre-UV filterfilter (white unit)
It filters out the impurities in the water so that they do not cover the glass and block the UV rays.
One cartridge in Pre-
The filter unit needs to be replaced every three months.
Pat explained: \"It will take about 6 euros.
For people with acid water problems, blue stains on the sink, and short life of copper cylinders, Pat\'s solution is a dosing system.
This is also installed in the pump room before the water reaches the consumer.
The dosing system adds a measurement of a liquid product called pH Plus to the water supply system to regulate pH.
The installed price is around 800 euros.
In the region of 60 euros, the cost of 20l barrels of pH.
In applying for grants for new wells and water supply, the county council will test the water and can adhere to the above treatment.
In the case of farm supply, there is no need to deal with the supply around the farm and only deal with water for living.
The average is 0.
75hp domestic diving pump (including tank)
Pat quoted me the installation price of 1,000 euros.
For normal farm applications with 1hp submersible pumps and larger fuel tanks installed, Pat offers around € 1,200.
Prices vary depending on the depth of the well.
All prices for Pat include VAT.
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