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by:Booguan     2020-11-14
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in sewage treatment, the filter is indispensable equipment, when the filter mesh after using a certain amount of time will stop and adsorption amount of debris and stains, and affect the normal filter filter, filter in and out of the tube caused by differential pressure increases, the filter to filter traffic to reduce, not only influence the filter efficiency of filter, filtering quality will be reduced at the same time, serious can cause filter equipment damage. So how to solve this situation? At this time, just have to say that the flushing technology in the application of water treatment filter.

the working principle of backwash mainly reverse flow through the filter layer, the expansion and the filtering layers FuXuan, filter layer by particle flow shear stress and the impact friction, get rid of besmirch, make its detachment from the filter layer, and the backwash water discharged. Then, let small make up together to get to know the back flush technology.

1, the importance of backwash

( 1) In the process of filtering, floats in the water used to be intercept adsorption filter material layer, and continue to accumulate in the filter material layer. As a result, the porosity of the filter layer is blocked by dirt, the filter layer surface generated filter cake, increases the loss of the filter head. When reach a certain degree, we must keep cleaning of filter material, in order to restore the use of filter performance, make its can continue to run.

( 2) In the process of filtering, in view of the head loss increase, filter material surface adsorption of stains on the flow shear stress increases, and part of the particles was moved to the lower under the impact of the water filter layer, which can cause water FuXuan content. When impurities through the filter, filter lost the filtering effect. To a certain extent, therefore, must keep clear of filtering material, to restore the ability to filter material layer can achieve.

( 3) Suspended solid in the water with a lot of organic matter, such as the material in the filter layer stay a long time will cause the filter layer of bacteria gathering and breeding of microorganism, cause anaerobic corruption, so you need to regularly clean filter material.

2, backwash basic parameter control and confirm the

( 1) Expansion height: back flush, in order to better safeguard the filtrate particulate matter has plenty of space between each other, make the filtrate can quickly and water out, should increase the rate of the expansion of the filter. When inflation is too large, filter material particle number per unit volume decreases, the particles hit probability to reduce, not good for cleaning. The expansion of the double-layer filtering material rate was 40% 50%. We need to pay attention to, in the manufacturing operation, filtering material filling height and expansion is highly random inspection, because in the process of normal backwashing, some filtering material loss or wear, must be added. Relatively stable filter with smooth filter layer water quality, assurance of backwash effect and other advantages.

( 2) The washing water and working pressure: general design requirements, wash water proof strength of 40 m3 / ( m2? h) 0 or less, the wash water pressure. 15mpa。

( 3) Backwash air quantity and pressure of work: backwash air strength of 15 m/( M? Hours) , backwash air pressure 0 or less. 15MPa。 Everyone is important to note that in the process of backwash, the introduction of backwash air will gather at the top of the filter, the vast majority of air should be through the double orifice discharge valve discharged. In daily production. Often it is necessary to check the flow of exhaust valve, mainly to indicates the degree of freedom ball valve lift.

3 joint, gas water backwashing

( 1) With air wash first, and then with water backwashing: primary filter layer surface, the water level drop to 100 mm, to join the air for several minutes, then with water backwashing. Mainly used for surface light pollution, internal contamination of the filter.

when doing this work, we need to pay attention to, corresponding to the valve, close to reach the designated position, otherwise, when the water level drop to filter layer surface within, seeping into upper filter layer without water, the particles oscillating up and down, dirt cannot be effectively discharged, will also go deep into the filter layer.

( 2) Air and water backwash: from the bottom of the static filter layer at the same time supply air and backwashing water, in the process of rising air bubble in sand layer, when touching the filter material, filtering material surface to be erased. Backwashing water filtering layer of loose, filter material in FuXuan condition, this will help the air washing the filter material. The expansion of the backwashing and backwashing air effect each other, the actual effect was stronger than the single way.

in this case, we need to pay attention to, backwashing water backwashing with air pressure and intensity is different, should pay attention to order, prevent the backwashing water into the air line.

( 3) Mixture of air and water after washing, stop into the air, the water flushing to maintain the same flow rate, continuous flushing 3 ~ 5 minutes, remove residual filter bed of bubbles.

here, mindful of the top double orifice discharge valve.

that's backwash technology introduction, through the introduction of this article, if everyone on the working principle of backwash, backwash parameter control and gas joint backwash water have a new understanding of the way? If you want to know more about technology and the filter backwash related knowledge, we can continue to pay attention to oh.

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