Filter model is how to choose? Filter manufacturer to tell you

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter equipment

filter is very much in the market, the air filtration product efficiency of different types of filter element itself, filtering effect, air filtration product property are also saying that is different, if not to choose the appropriate filter, filter may directly affect the work, so how to choose? In the process of selection should pay attention to what? Shanghai filter manufacturer to tell you, choose filter factors need attention.

note air filtration product equipment models

when choosing cartridge, cartridge manufacturer to remind everyone must focus on the equipment type, different filtration equipment itself corresponding filter model is different, if buy the wrong filter, but by the time to install, you will find, not installed, to install and even can cause the damage of the filtration equipment and filter. At the same time, different filtration equipment in use process, itself also has different taboo, if some of the filter material will affect the filtration equipment, the filtering equipment normal work and life also can have very big effect.

pay attention to the characteristics of filter material

when selecting a filter element, of course, also need to pay attention to the filtering characteristics of material itself, different filter material itself characteristics are, after all, is different, some the impurity in the filter material need to use the physical adsorption, while some pollutants, need through the chemical adsorption, so choose corresponding filter ability of filter is critical. Filter manufacturer to remind you that also need to pay attention to whether there is corrosive to the filtering equipment itself, if there is need to purchase a corrosive then have resistance of the filter, to make filter remain stable for a long time.

pay attention to the influence of filtering environment

when selecting a filter, filtering, of course, need to pay attention to the environment, the influence of the filter, after all, the environment for the influence of filtering equipment is a big, that will also to a certain extent affect the filter medium of some element in the activity, which affect the filtration efficiency. So filter manufacturer to remind everybody, if filter environment temperature is higher, you will need to consider filtering material itself needs what filter efficiency of filter medium, and then select the corresponding filter.

want to choose the appropriate filter, must consider multiple factors, know exactly what kind of filter is more suitable for enterprise production, after all, to choose the appropriate filter to filter and filter equipment better combination, the corresponding filter system.

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