Filter mesh variety, different features of various categories

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
Filter equipment

filter core is the core element in filter equipment, its bear the main filtering effect. According to different material, the filter cartridge is mainly divided into PP cotton filter filter, activated carbon filter, ceramic filter, and chemical fiber filter, etc. , different filter material, the manufacturing structure will there is a certain difference, so will there is a little difference on the filtration precision.

of course, choose different filter core, air flux and the filtering performance is also different, such as from the filter filter structure characteristics, a filter filter consists of bag filter structure and the plate type filter structure, according to the using environment is different, can choose different types of structures, the general bag structure is more suitable for the area of air cleanliness requirements is not high, bag filter structure is simpler, economy is also good, so the application range is wide.

in the same way, when choosing filter core, must consider the filter efficiency, filter efficiency of different material will have certain difference, such as for high efficiency filter, filter filter can be glass fiber filter can be used as well as the chemical fiber filter material, relatively speaking, the glass fiber filter filtration efficiency is higher, the class profile high quality air flux, and let the dust amount is larger, so the application is also more widely.

from the filtration precision, glass fiber filter performance is good, its adsorption strength for dust particles would be higher, this is because the dust particles in Brownian motion, will generate static electricity, thus under the action of static electricity, will tightly stick on the surface of the glass fiber filter structure, which is quite high air filtration product efficiency and air filtration product precision. , of course, different filter core has the advantages of different performance, this paper is with glass fiber filter as an example, to guide you in choosing filter core products, all need to focus on these indicators.

in addition to some key technical indicators, filter core when the choose and buy, also need to consider to use in the process of maintenance convenience, such as part of the filter cartridge after maintenance, also can be used on two or more, but some filter core structure of the maintenance methods of difficulty is high, such as PP cotton material compared to some mesh filter structure, cleaning will be more difficult, so the filter core when the choose and buy, must fully consider a number of different indicators, and then to buy.

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