Filter mesh type, various types have their own characteristics

by:Booguan     2020-10-30

filter mesh is composed of different wire mesh, acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistant, and it is not easy to be wear function, its use is very wide, can be used for a variety of fields. The following detailed introduction of the mesh for you.

screen is divided into textile fiber filter and metal screen. Installation of filter machine called filter, it can be used to filter in natural water and food. Filter mesh can be applied to different objects of filtering and fluid material separation, and it also has the function of dust removal and separation. effects of filters, filter pollutants and dust in the air, its effect is very good.

filter has several types, it can be divided into metal rubber filter, air filter, metal filter, ac filter, coarse filter, below introduce you to the filter function of each.

metal rubber filter does not contain components made from natural rubber, it is made of stainless steel materials, suitable for solving larger temperature difference, high pressure and strong vibration and corrosion in daily life such as gas air filtration product. Metal rubber filter can wire through the use of the degree of thickness, the density of metal rubber size, and the thickness of the filter, adjusted to filter air filtration product precision. Metal rubber filter has many advantages, its advantage is that it is not easy to corrode, strength, impact resistant ability, etc. When cleaning, it is very convenient. Ventilation filter with acid and alkali, corrosion resistance. And resistance is very low, also can be repeated washing, can accept big impact strength. Metal filter net layer through folding expansion, the object through the change flow direction for many times, thus increasing the filtration efficiency. Ac filter application range is wide, can be used to sewage filter, air filter products, also can be repeated washing. And cleaning up more convenient. The coarse filter is mainly used for coarse dust filter. Filter mesh can also be direct, simple and convenient installation, use a long time. Has the very good filtering effect.

the function of the filter mesh is mainly used for air conditioning, purifier, dehumidifier some filtering impurities and filter equipment. Suitable for food, oil and so on some demand filtering big companies.

in the selection of filter mesh, according to their own needs to choose the appropriate filter. At the time of use the mesh, it is important to note that keep the screen clean, completes the timely replacement of filter work, only in this way, to use and can better play to the advantages of it.

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