Filter manufacturer to tell you the structure of the filter and the kinds of different filter

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter equipment

in filter equipment, filter structure is key equipment components, lack of filter filter, filter can't play a proper filter performance. Therefore, part of the customer when buying a filter, usually with a special focus on the choice of filter core. This article will focus on the types of filter core and the performance of different filter core advantage.

from filter manufacturer, we know that choose according to different conditions, the filter structure has the very big difference, such as from the shape, filter are divided into bag filter, plate type filter and so on. In addition to have certain difference in shape, filter structure itself also exist certain differences. Such as some relatively small pore size of the filter itself is, without redundant secondary processing, has the good filtering effect, but some materials after processing is needed to play excellent filtering performance.

in the use of environment, most customers will go to pick according to the filtration precision and filtration efficiency filter, different filter is suitable for different filter equipment. In general, the higher the precision of the filter, filtering efficiency is higher, the higher request to the filter structure, such as high efficiency air filter products inside the filter structure for high density fiber board structure, the adsorption capacity is very high, and has a certain high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, therefore has been widely recognized.

for part of the region of air environment quality is not high, people will choose to install the coarse filter efficiency, in effect filter, in order to save costs. Coarse efficient filter and effectively filter in the air filtration product precision and filtration efficiency will be lower than high efficiency filter, but the advantages of efficient filter is also evident in the coarse, its advantage is high durability, and low maintenance costs.

it is important to note that both high efficiency filter and coarse filter, in the process of practical application, due to the use of time is long, will produce filter surface gathered a lot of dust, when the dust accumulation reaches capacity limit of dust filter, will directly affect the filtration efficiency of the filter cartridge, it can also lead to large attenuation of air velocity, air filter products of the specific applications, the need to pay attention to maintenance of the filter cartridge. Filter manufacturer reminds, when purchasing a filter core, should know the use of filter cartridge specifications and requirements, and then to select the specific type of product.

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