Filter maintenance should be how to do? These a few respects must not forget it

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
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in use after a period of filter, you'll find filter filtration efficiency began to reduce, filtering effect is not so good start, is this why? Actually need maintenance at this time because of filters, if proper care, can let the filter filtration efficiency and air filtration product effect to bounce back, can even let the service life of filter is extended, so how to maintain the filter?

note that filter maintenance time

everybody wants to know, filter is need maintenance on a regular basis, but if it's not yet time to need maintenance, maintenance, may to a certain extent, delay the normal work, if has gone beyond need maintenance time, but not for maintenance, and will affect the filter air filtration product efficiency and air filtration product effect.

in the specific what time need for maintenance, suggested that refer to manufacturers give out data, to know the filter in about what time is suitable for maintenance, combined with work after the environmental situation, look at the job site environment affects the use of the filter, will not lead to filter need maintenance in advance, then you also need to observe the conditions of the use of filter, if you have already started to filter the phenomenon of low efficiency, you need to immediately determine the condition of the filter, and then determine what time to filter maintenance.

note that filters the maintenance method of

in the process of filter maintenance, also need to pay attention to the maintenance method of filter, if the maintenance method shall not when, may be the cause of maintenance after the completion of the filter can't normal use. At the time of maintenance, it is suggested that to understand the filter manufacturers give out maintenance method, according to the normal method for maintenance, at the same time for some taboos in the process of maintenance to keep in mind, know what kind of things can be done. In the process of maintenance, once appear, unexpected circumstances, suggest to refer to the corresponding explanation on the first, if already can't solve, suggested that find the original manufacturer to buy filter, request technical support, to solve various problems encountered in the process of maintenance.

want to do a good job of filter maintenance, one is the need to maintain reasonable arrangement in the process of maintenance time, at the right time for maintenance; The second note is the correct maintenance method, if there is no problem, maintenance methods of natural can filter the smooth completion of maintenance work.

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