Filter maintenance need to pay attention to some problems

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
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filter supplier told us that some customers in the process of using the filter often don't pay attention to maintenance, didn't pay attention to maintenance can easily causes the damage of filter. Some customer went to the seller after damage to the filter element of trouble, always said that the quality of the filter is not good, in fact is not the case. The customer causes the damage of filter filter maintenance because they don't pay attention to? Then filter maintenance should pay attention to what issues? We learn together with filter suppliers.

the hydraulic oil filter, often is the core of the filter, filter is usually made of special material, the special material is easy to be damaged. So he needs special protection and service. Some customers didn't pay attention to the special material, the filter take place, so that the filter often damage, also constantly blame not filter the supplier's product quality, is the main reason is because they are not according to the materials for the maintenance of the filter are in place.

when system, after working for a period of time, filter filter pollution of hydraulic oil filter the destroyer tend to a lot of impurities, while the number of these pollution of impurities gathered high, pressure tends to be greatly increased, the corresponding flow will decrease greatly, also transmission device tends to be reminded alarm, this time you need to filter the impurities in a timely manner to clean, clean process is need for cleaning the filter element.

in the process of cleaning the filter, we also need to pay special attention to, filter supplier told us that it is important to note that can't let filter deformation or damage to, or you can't be used again, if in the process of cleaning, but filter deformation or damaged, often can affect the air filtration product efficiency of filter, air filtration product efficiency and can cause certain damage to the system.

this is introduced to share with my friends in the filter cartridge filter manufacturer maintenance need to pay attention to some problems. We will according to the feature of filter material to filter the corresponding maintenance measures. We in the process of cleaning filter, but also need to pay attention to not let filter deformation. In the process of using the filter at ordinary times should learn to put it gently with light, take place easily causes the damage of filter. The core component of filter is the filter, the filter protection is the protection of filter element.

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