Filter filter purification effect and daily maintenance?

by:Booguan     2020-11-14
Filter equipment

filter filter as a new type of filter products, it is often used in water purification, multiple processes, such as solid separation filter filter purification effect is obvious, its maintenance is convenient, the most families, manufacturing enterprise, medical and medicine industry, so the market demand is high.

depending on the filter material, filter filter function also has the very big difference. According to the filter material is different, mainly divided into pp filter filter, wire wound filter, filter, and folded filter filter, activated carbon filter filter and so on. According to the different enterprise use demand, most of the cartridge filter manufacturers can also improve the inductance value of the targeted service, due to the performance of the filter element difference, so their filtering performance also have bigger difference, the following we analyzed one by one.

pp filter flux than other types of precision, higher, its main materials is pp cotton material, filtration precision is higher, you can configure different types of end cover joint and can meet the needs of different types of engineering installation, more widely in the process of actual use, the water quality is mainly used for liquid air filtration product.

wire wound type filter material is mainly a kind of special textile line. According to the different winding Angle and winding circle degree, its filtering precision is also different. Wire-wound type filter is presented, which can also be used to purify the industry field.

folding filter is the filter material folded together, the volume is small, can save a lot of installation space. Equally folded filter has a high accuracy, can be effectively filtered water, or oily compound amounts of impurities.

in general activated carbon filter, much more common, the purification filtering process, activated carbon filter filter is often necessary, activated carbon filter is divided into: compression type activated carbon filter, bulk type activated carbon filter, activated carbon because itself is brittle and break easily, therefore, in the process of packaging, there will be a layer of gauze package filtering effect.

filter in the process of use should be replaced periodically, so you need to regularly monitor use of filter and the use of time. Before filter replacement system should be down for processing, and should be ready to tear open outfit tools in advance. When install and replace the new filter, should check whether the filter is in good condition.

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