Filter film really layers, the more the better?

by:Booguan     2020-11-19
Filter piece

how to use a filter? In using screen pack, need to notice must be effect, the use of the right way, can let the filtering effect is better, but it may make the wrong way to use filter become the wasted effort, is this why? Said a lot of people in the use of filter, if you use a multilayer, filtering effect is better, then the actual situation is it true? In fact, it's actually not the case.

filter chip using layers of filtration resistance more

the first thing you need to attention to the point, is the use of filtering net blades layer number, the more the greater the filtration resistance will, and that what's wrong? In fact, the emphasis is on, if the resistance is bigger, then on behalf of the filtration efficiency is relatively low, if you want to enhance filtration efficiency, then the equipment working strength must be improved, and in order to adapt the high strength, the quality of the equipment must be very outstanding, such equipment is sure to become more expensive, but the filtering precision is not become, so it is just the cost of production equipment was improved, for the ascension of filtration precision effect is not very good.

filter chip using layers of air filtration product precision constant

everybody to want to notice is that the same accuracy of filter, after using the multilayer, are not to use the increase of the layer number, filtration precision. You want to know the pore size of filtering net blades are the same, that is as long as the pore size of the same, so the precision of the filter will not change, even put more layers of filter film, some smaller than the pore volume of filter material, also not be filtered out.

use reasonable to improve the service efficiency of filtering net blades

here to tell you that only reasonable use filters, the use of filtering net blades will improve efficiency. For example used with different precision filter, primary filter, can do a good work of filtration, some larger to filter out the impurity, thus reduce the intermediate precision and higher accuracy of filtering net blades work load. And according to the demand of different filtration precision, with different precision filter, then can let filtration precision meet the requirements of their own.

want to better use screen pack, certainly must master the correct method, remind everybody here, some hearsay method requires careful research, to avoid spending a lot of money, used the wrong method of filtering effect still is not very good.

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