Filter cotton material structure and performance

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
Filter cotton

filter cotton is a key element of filter equipment, filter cotton can significantly inhibit the impurity particles in the air. Filter cotton main material for synthetic fiber and natural fiber. According to different structure performance of the filtering cotton, it is divided into effect at the beginning of filter cotton, filter cotton in effect and high efficiency filter cotton. In simple terms, because the material structure is different, so for the air filtration product efficiency of dust has certain difference, it can correspond to different filtering effect of filter equipment.

filter cotton is the inside of the filter filter structure, so the filter unit of choose and buy when, want to pay attention to the material of filter cotton, and the use of demand, according to the requirements, to choose different precision filter cotton. In general, the filter precision filter cotton, the main material for glass fiber. And for some coarse effectively filter, its internal diameter of filter cotton, air air filtration product effect is limited, but relatively low air resistance.

filter cotton according to different material structure, its performance has a certain difference, such as similar glass fiber structure, it not only strength is high, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, so even for purifying the air in the chemical industry, also can deal with. But for some natural fiber materials, such as cotton fiber materials, the material also has strong filtering effect, but it is difficult to cope with the environment of high temperature, and the applicable scope is less.

whether any filter cotton material, after used for a period of time, all need through cleaning maintenance operation, the operation is very simple, chemical synthetic fiber filter cotton, for example, at the time of cleaning, you can use the water, or neutral detergent for cleaning, cleaning is finished, can't use the heater to dry, so as to avoid filtering cotton appear deformation, the filter is completely dry, can again in the filter.

in addition, the filter cotton cleaning maintenance, also should pay close attention to filter cotton in real time to see if there is any breakage, if break, filter cotton, should buy new filter cotton to replace in a timely manner. Compared with other material of the cartridge filter cotton itself has certain adhesive, so air purification effect is better, let dust quantity is higher, for the influence of the pressure loss of the air is not high.

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