Filter cotton knowledge lecture hall: air filter is very important

by:Booguan     2020-10-30
Filter cotton equipment

filter cotton is the main function of air filter products, currently on the market of synthetic fiber, glass fiber, non-woven fabric and activated carbon four kinds of material, each kind of advantage, but sales are high. Here are from different angles for everybody to introduce the basic knowledge of filter cotton, hope for the choose and buy and use it.

give priority to, product performance

filter cotton resistance to high humidity, can reach 100%. Its fire retardancy are also very good, has reached the European standard, so in the workshop, surface repair, and other fields are used. A lot of people buy filter cotton in surface coating engineering, structure for increasing style, it can accelerate the filtering, can prolong life.

second, level classification

if according to the classification efficiency, at the beginning of filter cotton have effect, the effective and efficient in three categories. The early effect mainly play a role in the process of the filter, filter cotton in air supplying system, spraying system could have many USES. Effect of filtering cotton can achieve & gt; 1 microns particle filter, it can realize the main filter. Efficient products used in hospital research field, so the filtering effect is strong.

third, typical applications

in addition to the familiar painting industry, filter cotton can also be used in production factory, hospital, food processing and so on in the environment. Although most of the factories need to be air air filtration product, standard each have differences. Such as semiconductor production standard is higher, so can increase the use of filter, many manufacturers take the way of the combination, even for different prefilter according to function.

health industry on the environment demand is high, so in the filter link, the hospital will put together the prefilter and post filter is used, the proportion is 30% and 90%. Some isolation chamber will join alone HEPA filters.

the filtering equipment gradually expand the scope of use, also has continued into the food processing industries. Typical applications are air air filtration product system, it is more safe than disinfection way, especially in dairy products processing, meat processing must be so. This is very common in Europe, they are applied in the production of yogurt, clean room, so I can say goodbye to chemical preservatives!

filter cotton as a member of the purification materials, is playing an important role. And many manufacturers are very attention to the innovation and production of filter cotton, also hope to be able to keep up with the development of different industries, make greater contribution to society! Wo yi brand focus purification equipment market, large scale, efficiency is good, if you have any purchase demand everyone can consult to manufacturers.

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