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by:Booguan     2020-11-18
Filter products

the type and characteristic of filter core is the user must know before purchasing, to filter cartridge have more understanding, choice is more convenient, to be all sorts of entanglements. Here for everybody summarizes some type of filter core, understand the characteristics of different types at the same time, the quick help user to select a suitable filter.

the kinds of filter core has the following kinds:

priority, PP filter. Production material is polypropylene superfine fiber hot melt together is made and be become, after the accuracy range is very wide, but also can match different types of end cover joint, the user to select limitation is very big, so can meet the demand of each project to the size of the installation.

second, wire wound filter. Can use of raw materials, main materials used in acrylic fiber, rayon fiber, polypropylene fiber, etc. , the use of material is different, so can produce different precision of the filter. Can effectively remove the liquid inside all sorts of suspended solids, purify the effect is good.

third, fold filter. Mainly is to use the raw material is polypropylene thermal spray fibre membrane, volume is very small, but large air filtration product area, precision is high. Folded filter with unique characteristics, won the recognition of users, to ensure that users with high quality, stability and reliable equipment.

4, activated carbon filter. This kind of filter sealing is very good, also because of this, so use activated carbon filter is good in the water filter, remove impurities of effect is very good, also can purify water quality.

5, stainless steel filter. This kind of filter characteristic of many, filterability, high precision, good wear resistance, pressure resistance, good, and good corrosion resistance, even in an ideal environment, can still work normally running. Therefore, in all filters filter, stainless steel filter is now a lot of people are very recognition, become the enterprise approved products.

the kinds of filter core has a lot of, in addition to the above mentioned, the filter, hydraulic oil filter and oil filter machine and resin filter and so on. Different types have different purposes, so before using, the user to understand their needs, also according to the parameters of the equipment to choose the appropriate filter, easy installation, convenient for application. Of course the use of filter process, the need to be pay attention to maintenance, often change, to ensure the normal use.

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