Filter cartridge replacement and what are the main points of the maintenance?

by:Booguan     2020-10-30

filter in filter air filtration product equipment, as an important role in the air purification filter material, the need for regular maintenance and replacement. The use of filter for long, can let the accumulation of dust and impurities on the surface of the quantity does not increase, for a long time not to replace and clean up, will be a direct impact on the performance of the filter element, therefore air filtration product equipment in the process of operation, should be periodically stop necessary inspections on the performance of the filter core, when the filter itself a bad performance, to timely replacement.

in the process of filter filter operation, need regular check filter operation state, intelligent filter filter, according to the usage of the filter, timely reminder that the service life of filter element time limit. When the system is a replacement alarm prompt, you need on the inside of the filter cartridge replacement. In general, the filter cannot be washed, so for filtering equipment maintenance was ash removal, replacement of filter.

in the process of filter replacement, should determine the filtering equipment has stopped running, and then use a special tool to remove the filter, after promising filter specifications, in determining to replace the filter on the size, whether with removable filter is consistent, if the two is consistent, it can be replaced, if inconsistent with the specifications, it cannot be replaced.

for filter replacement procedures, should be to clean up the interior of the filtering equipment, prevent new replacement filter is polluted, at the same time in the process of cleaning and operation process, need to wear the necessary protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, etc. , most people in the process of change, not pay attention to these details process.

filter replacement need to order according to certain steps, therefore in the process of change should be carried out in accordance with the certain order according to, such as the installation first, then what in the installation, the installation of the specific details, you can view the detailed installation drawing. After installed, also want to check it again, such as the screws are tight, whether to have the location of the leak and so on, it is important to ensure that the correct replacement process orderly.

after the completion of the installation steps, also need to install the necessary cleaning. Change after, also need to determine whether the outlet valve of filtering equipment already open, may, when necessary, to commissioning, look at the running state and normal operation, you can pick up tools, cleaning up the scene of the environmental health.

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