Filter bag filter of large flow?

by:Booguan     2020-11-13
Filter equipment

filter bag filter structure and design are very good, first take a look at the sleeve structure, the use of materials of good quality, is basically SUS304 or SUS316L model, use very convenient, the structure is very reasonable, don't trouble to operation. Under the experience of energy-efficient, its market reputation is very good, and there are a lot of people buy.

filter bag filter application range is very wide, it can adapt to many production environments, as a whole has many USES. We can buy the top entry type structure, can buy side into the structure, if need to handle directly select fine polishing products, so that not only beautiful, both inside and outside wall, use rise also will be more smooth. Under the less filtering residual night, the service life of the equipment will be very long, won't cause too much pressure.

if you need to replace filter bag, you also need not worry too much, filter bag filter can easily reach the demands. The material of the filter material is very special, some are using plastic ring hot melt welding products, all others are using the steel ring, the filter material and production standards conform to the requirements of the industry, has been towards international standards. Under the use of special liquid air filtration product material, people can easily see its advantages.

from the point of production details, filter bag filter using filter is very delicate, all structure after singeing process, so you can avoid the happening of the pollution sources, but also can avoid the congestion reasons exist, as a result, the service life of filter pocket has been enhanced, the quality of the filter is secured, for the user, the cost of purchase is not too high.

if you observe the raw materials, will find that in the majority with the structure of this white, this is completely don't have to worry about, because you will have no dye in use process, the pursuit of environmental requirements is the same with you. Filter bag filter kept high trapping efficiency, so run a lot of time.

is introduced it is easy to see from the above filter bag filter has a relatively wide use of space, as long as it is liquid air filtration product can buy it, and no worry about the size of the flow, liquid air filtration product efficiency because it is guaranteed. People want to see the high temperature operating temperature Settings, it is to use one of the standard, it can not be ignored.

the above is about the basic knowledge of the filter bag filter, do you understand?

filter bag ( https://www. booguanfilter。 com/daishiguolvqi/)
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