Fan filter units installed to ensure the quality of the head?

by:Booguan     2020-11-07
Air air filtration product equipment

mentioned import air filter, will certainly have a lot of people think that imported from developed countries filter, and actually imported filter is a professional term, import filter is a kind of structure is relatively simple filter system, that is, from the entrance into the cloudy with impurities of air, the output from the exit of clean air. Imported as a result, the so-called, refers to the into FengKouChu filtration system.

due to the overall structure of the inlet strainer is simpler, and the service life and maintenance cycle is long, so the product has won the acceptance of multiple industries. Such as petrochemical industry, medical and health, food hygiene, etc. , it can be satisfied with most of the enterprises in the production environment purification needs.

in addition, different inlet air filter products according to its internal filter structure, its efficacy function also has a certain difference, such as its have certain antibacterial function, namely, in use process, can some of the resistance to some environmental bacteria, reduce some virus widespread dissemination and the proliferation of bacteria.

it has some special effect, not only in the conventional vacuum purification aspect, also has the obvious utility, it can be to some of the dust particles in the air for effective adsorption, in order to achieve the purpose of improving air cleanliness. But long time use imported air filter, also need to take necessary safeguard measures, such as proper cleaning dust removal operations, should be in the process of cleaning, the inlet air filter has the characteristics of simple structure, so only need to open the equipment cleaning operations, will be able to start after clean, also can continue to use, the maintenance cycle does not need to spend more manpower and material resources.

in addition, in terms of air filter, import air filters can also gas of poisonous gas, with special flavor, effectively filter, based on its own strong adsorption properties, can adsorption gas internal with special odor molecules, to achieve the purpose of blocking smell.

it is understood that the import filter adsorption effect is very high, its filtering effect can be satisfied with most of the industrial production environment, family environment demand, therefore has been widely promoted. It is often used in other transport, at the inlet of the purification, it has a simple maintenance, dismantling the advantages of convenient, this also is the main cause of its high sales.

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